The Fiver: In the spotlight


Raise the curtain, roll the cameras!

Here’s five fantastic film, theatre and music projects that’ll have the critics roaring…



Black Island

If you like swashbuckling and Caribbean rum, then you’ll enjoy this short film about a marooned 18th-century pirate. ARRR!

£1,120 (44%) raised from 19 supporters



Following four women from across the centuries who live, breathe and play football – an inspiring new play for theatre and football lovers alike. Offside!

£1,151 (50%) raised from 32 supporters


0af26268-1ff3-49ac-bf05-c3b01a6ba560Life Is…

A story about life, death and life after death.

£1,039 (86%) raised from 48 supporters



7929faef-10b1-4a9c-8c3e-dc0e3451e5feLift, loo, lights, ACTION!


This community hub is ploughing through their fundraise to make their gallery space accessible and enjoyable for everyone!

£2,588 (86%) raised from 100 supporters


830a47f9-22ac-45ce-852b-7b159eb9fbe6The Gesualdo Six 2017 Recording Project

These handsome chaps are recording their first English Renaissance Polyphony album – a must for all you classical music fans!

£3,705 (124%) raised from 57 supporters

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