The Fiver: Harmony



It’s no secret that we believe in the power of a Crowd. From the innovative to the everyday, amazing things can happen when people come together. 

Here’s five movers and shakers, live on Crowdfunder right now.


e1c18d06-90a1-4b57-a614-ea85847ea22dSpringboard Youth Academy

Check out this unique programme for young asylum-seekers and refugees, piloting this summer. 

£11,570 (96%) raised from 126 supporters



With training, support and a sprinkle of fairy dust, Mums can code too!

£5,271 (53%) raised from 38 supporters


5e099c45-c7d5-46ff-a3ec-72c80eee71aaPregnant Then Screwed

A platform for women to tell their story, access advice
and find friendship. 

£7,407 (62%) raised from 149 supporters


1e25da7c-aaf6-47cb-b84a-dece7c6d4f82Wrestlin’ Jacob

A provocative story of freedom and hope in the face of prejudice
and resistance.

£4,862 (97%) raised from 51 supporters


59b96502-625e-45ac-b042-f3f13915e6c6Venture Arts

Nurturing talent and supporting learning disabled people to play a valued role within the contemporary arts world.

£7,471 (75%) raised from 101 supporters





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