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Celebrating brave ideas…

Here’s five ‘outside-the-box’ thinkers, making the world a better place one pledge at a time…


Turtle Tracks

Turtle Tracks are on a mission to help protect threatened sea turtles by GPS tracking egg poachers in Central America.


£1,415 (40%) raised from 62 supporters

bcd0d35c-6a42-4aeb-8592-85c2e4364037Fishy Filaments

This Cornish engineer is taking sustainability in the fishing industry to a whole new level, by recycling waste fishing nets to produce filament for use in 3D printing.

£460 (9%) raised from 10 supporters

67f02a68-cee4-49be-a5ef-823b781d4b79Lammas Eco-Pods

Experience off grid living & taste the Good Life. This family is hand building unique Eco-pods for visitors in their beautiful Lammas Eco-village.

£3,420 (114%) raised from 34 supporters


be5a31b1-738d-4bd2-aa20-7161165de205Exeter Bike Workshop

This social enterprise bike workshop is creating real opportunities for homeless & excluded people to train, gain confidence and find work.

£3,005 (19%) raised from 38 supporters

53e63e28-4135-4cc6-9209-01fa11d3fe52Our Energy

These energy radicals are building The People’s Energy Company. They’ll be putting profits and ownership back into the hands of UK consumers. 

£108,010 (54%) raised from 447 supporters

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