The Fiver: Elemental




We’ve been battling the elements this week at Crowdfunder HQ in Newquay, with wintery wind and wild water swirling around outside. Nature can be harsh, but also gentle, warm and nurturing – something these five projects are making the most of.

If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain.


49cacbae-5266-48b9-82ca-5b2441d5bb0cBird Sunglasses
There’s more to these eco-friendly shades than meets the eye. Every pair helps to light up communities in Africa.

£3,010 (38%) raised from 28 supporters



9422d3ab-39ab-4b3a-a273-a71554183687Raise a Toast
These award-winning brewers are turning leftover loaves into tasty tipples.

£21,307 (102%) raised from 326 supporters



2fc750cf-f8f8-4057-84f8-43334a636a37Teeny Greeny
Space-sharing urban farming at its finest, operating on less than an acre of land.

£1,585 (53%) raised from 14 supporters



1eeb7435-bead-4335-a6e9-3976c8e7d578Stoneham Bakehouse
Bringing the local community together through the therapeutic power of dough.

£10,525 (53%) raised from 202 supporters



Bottle of Ginger2b88b8e6-0966-49e9-a0f1-9553bd366cb4
Heritage-inspired, naturally fermented ginger beer using ingredients grown on previously derelict land in Glasgow.

£1,525 (44%) raised from 22 supporters




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