The Bakehouse talk to Crowdfunder’s Emily Smith

Emily Smith talks to The Bakehouse after their recent success and finds out how important social media was to their campaign. The Bakehouse successfully managed to raise £2,025 for their community bakery in the Upper Calder Valley.

Social media is key to any crowdfunding campaign so if you’re a project owner – take notes!!

In July, we launched our five week ‘bringing bread, bikes and bods together’ crowdfunding project to help us get a much needed pedal powered mobile market stall, from which we could sell our tasty goods.  We’d already bought our cargo bike but as a point of sale, the box design was limiting and certainly didn’t provide the essential weather protection needed in this part of the world!

We went about implementing our marketing plan- within the first two weeks, we’d had high profile coverage in the local press and on Hebweb. We’d also sent out an e-bulletin to all our mailing list. And we’d announced our campaign on Facebook and Twitter. So we were somewhat disappointed that, over half way into the campaign, we’d achieved less than 30% of our target and only had a total of 11 pledges.

Although the coverage seemed to really help publicise our coop and what we were doing,(everyone seemed to have at least heard about us! Lots of great feedback from people too), the pledges just weren’t coming in. It was a steady climb but not enough to get us to the top.  So time to change gear – we decided to crank it up and really push it through social media.

This second phase was a turning point for us.  Constant updates on our Facebook and Twitter and links to local websites/ forums seemed to galvanise people into action (including ourselves!!).  We had a big influx of Facebook ‘likes’ and Twitter followers and in the final two weeks, we got a further 38 pledges and exceeded our target. We’re still buzzing now!

We’re pretty sure the majority of our pledges came through social media (we certainly didn’t have any other publicity during those final two weeks). That’s not to say don’t do the local press coverage- this was great for awareness raising of the coop and our project. But enabling people to have links at their finger tips and to shout about it then and there definitely helped us climb the hill.

So big thanks to Crowdfunder, our supporters and social media tools- we made it to the top! So do watch out for our bakehouse bike stall as it comes whizzing by, even in the rain……


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