Ten to One collaborate creative ideas to make something unique!

Friday success: Ten To One raise £700. Everyone has a great idea for a book or longs to take part in something unique which is why Crowdfunder HQ love the idea behind Ten To One so much.

What is Ten to One all about?

Ten To One is a collaborative writing project. Ten writers will work together to produce a novel-length piece of fiction which will then be published by Pigeon Park Press. Each writer will handle one of ten central characters and write the chapters focusing on that character.

Where did the idea come about?

Iain Grant was the man behind the idea and editor of Ten To One, he is a massive fan of collaborative writing. In 2012, Iain and Heide Goody published their first collaborative novel. They put a lot of thought into the mechanisms by which two people could write one story in one voice.

Iain and Heide were partly inspired by the novel, Draculas, a novel written by four collaborators (Blake Crouch, Joe Konrath, Jeff Strand and F Paul Wilson).

This is such a great idea and we are so pleased the team behind Ten To One decided to use our platform to fund their exciting idea.

A massive thanks to everyone who supported the project and the team at Crowdfunder can’t wait to see the book come together and have a read.

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