The Bakehouse talk to Crowdfunder’s Emily Smith

Emily Smith talks to The Bakehouse after their recent success and finds out how important social media was to their campaign. The Bakehouse successfully managed to raise £2,025 for their community bakery in the Upper Calder Valley.

Want to know how to run a successful campaign? Warwickshire rowers show us how!

This year was the second time the Warwickshire University rowing time crowdfunded with us and was the second time they managed to go well over their original target. Last year the rowers were after £2,000 which would enable them to produce their famous naked calender, they smashed this target ending on £3,745.

Is crowdfunding the next step for start-up businesses?

James Caan shares his experiences of setting up a business today via The Guardian, talking about the most common mistakes. With more and more people setting up new businesses in a declining economy is crowdfunding the way forward for start-ups?Cann says: “One of the biggest mistakes an entrepreneur can make is getting caught up in[…]

Merionwen: Naturally Nourishing finish on 138%

Interview with Helen Reeves Howard – Merionwen. Naturally Nourishing.Helen Reeves ran a really successful campaign and managed to finish on 138%, raising £615 over her target amount – this meant that the project ended on £2,215. Helen learnt the concept of crowdfunding pretty much straight away by shouting about her project loads on Twitter and[…]

What is Twitter and how can it help me promote my project?

Twitter is an amazing network of people at your fingertips, interested in every walk of life, and tweeting daily. Twitter is free to sign up to and is a fantastic way to engage with people. Twitter is an extremely fast growing platform with over 100 million users and more than 230 million tweets per day.

Press Release Template for Crowdfunding Campaign

Got a great project but don’t know how to promote it?We love seeing projects get funded and we know this doesn’t happen with out a little hard work, which is why we are keen to provide you with all the tips you need to help you get your money. Contacting your local press is a[…]