Crowdfunding Charities: 9 of the best UK charity crowdfunds

9 of the UK’s best charity crowdfunding projects – picked from our Crowdfunder Academy coaches for charity innovation in fundraising, great rewards and fantastic crowdfunding campaigns. Kids Company, a charity that supports vulnerable children with hot meals, clothing and general support, raised more than £100,000 on Crowdfunder and leads the UK in innovation in fundraising by[…]

“This free community venue [has been] created by the very people it seeks to serve”

An Teach Saor translates to Free House from Irish Gaelic, also otherwise known as The Happy Pig. Mark Boyle, formally known as The Moneyless Man, along with co-founder Jess Pasteiner had a vision to create a community space that fundamentally challenges the notion that services and products have to be beholden to – and limited by – money.

Fancy a pint?

Mark Boyle is otherwise known as the Moneyless Man after he successfully lived without money for two years. Mark used Crowdfunder to raise the £9,500 which he needs to launch The Happy Pig

Is crowdfunding the next step for start-up businesses?

James Caan shares his experiences of setting up a business today via The Guardian, talking about the most common mistakes. With more and more people setting up new businesses in a declining economy is crowdfunding the way forward for start-ups? Cann says: “One of the biggest mistakes an entrepreneur can make is getting caught up[…]