Crowdfunding for politics – UK’s top 8 political crowdfunds

Crowdfunder became the home of political crowdfunding for the General Election 2015 with hundreds of candidates and political campaigners raising the funds they need in the run-up to May 7th.  We’ve pulled together the top-eight projects across the UK. The Green Party – innovating with crowdfunding Alongside setting up a bespoke campaign on Crowdfunder enabling all their[…]

Scottish National Party launches Crowdfunder campaign to stand candidates in the General Election 2015

 The Scottish National Party has launched a campaign on Crowdfunder for prospective MP’s to fund their candidate seats for the upcoming 2015 General Election. 16 SNP candidates have already launched their projects, reaching out to the community to gather support and raise the funds they need to stand as MP’s – including former First Minister of[…]