Bootcamp 2016 Week 2: Creating your project

Another great week of Bootcamp 2016 this week, with over 350 new crowdfunders taking part in our training sessions with the Crowdfunder AcademyThis week was all about creating the perfect project. Si, our Head of Partnerships here at Crowdfunder, gave us all the ins and outs of moulding your idea into a project that people want[…]

Brixton Cycles

Case study: Brixton Cycles

Brixton Cycles successfully raised a staggering £62,225 from 1,485 backers in just 35 days! We caught up with them to find out why their project was so victorious.Back storyBrixton Cycles is London’s oldest worker-owner bike co-op and has been voted the capital’s #1 small bike retailer by the London Cycling Awards.  For more than 32[…]

New Year – Plenty of ideas? Join our comp!

We want to mark the start of the New Year by launching a competition that will see one lucky project win £500 and a number of other rewards for further great ideas. We feel that everyone should have their go at getting their great idea off the ground and we want to help you do that!

Want to know how to run a successful campaign? Warwickshire rowers show us how!

This year was the second time the Warwickshire University rowing time crowdfunded with us and was the second time they managed to go well over their original target. Last year the rowers were after £2,000 which would enable them to produce their famous naked calender, they smashed this target ending on £3,745.

New project: Betty Angelcake’s Travelling Tearoom

We are really pleased to announce the arrival of our latest great project this grey Monday Morning; Betty Angelcake’s Travelling Tearoom. This project has certainly cheered us up in the office and we are hoping it’s going to get off to a great start. We love food projects here at Crowdfunder as they work so well in[…]

Two projects succeed this week.

This week we are pleased to say that New Memories For Old and Solider Godfather have both smashed their targets and raised more than their target amounts. New Memories For Old was a photography project founded by a group of BA Hons photography students from Cumbria. They wanted to showcase photographs that explore the memory[…]

Case Study – An interview with Marc Provins

We caught up with Marc Provins after his project ‘Photography Exhibition’ got successfully funded. We chatted about his recent success and how he found the whole experience.  How did you hear of Crowdfunder? My friend Daz mentioned Crowdfunder to me, but I was already aware of the funding model and had looked at Kickstarter an[…]


We know how important rewards are to a successful pitch which is why we’re here to help. It’s really important that your rewards entice backers to look at your project and that they reflect the amount of money people are pledging. Here at Crowdfunder we know it can be hard to come up with reward[…]

Community Project Rewards

Crowdfunding a community project but want help with your rewards? Well, that’s why we are here to help. Crowdfunding is a great platform for community projects and we love them here at Crowdfunder. Whether you are wanting to set-up a community farm and offer veg boxes, or start a community art project, or maybe your[…]

Books and Magazine Rewards

Crowdfunding a publishing project but want help with your rewards? Well, that’s why we are here to help. Crowdfunder loves funding the latest niche magazine or book, it’s great to add new publications to the ever growing magazine industry. Here we love funding magazines that bring something new to the magazine industry rather than producing[…]

Film, TV and Video Rewards

Crowdfunding a film project but want help with your rewards? Well, that’s why we are here to help. The film industry has grown massively over the past few years and crowdfunding is contributing to this booming industry. Sundance Film Festival are a big fan of crowdfunded film projects and are regularly on the hunt for[…]

Art Rewards

Crowdfunding an art-based project but want help with your rewards? Well, that’s why we are here to help. Using crowdfunding and more importantly the Crowdfunder network to fund your art-based workshop is a brilliant thing to do as we have many relevant people in our network including Hen Norton, founder of We Did This. Art[…]