“To be honest, I cannot imagine it getting off the ground without crowdfunding”

At Crowdfunder HQ we see many projects go live and reach their target within their set campaign time and then we see projects that reach an outstanding goal in very little time at all. Tallie Maughan, creative thinker and brains behind the Turning Earth Ceramics Studio is one of these people.

Want to celebrate success with our giant cheque?

We love it when projects hit their targets and are always keen to present project owners with our giant cheque. The latest project to get in on the action was Turning Earth studio who managed to raise over half their 8k target in 48 hours.

Turning Earth Ceramics Studio reach their 8k target in just two days!

We love it when a project gets it and this one definately got it! Tallie aimed to raise 8k to open the Turning Earth Ceramics Studio and after only two days has smashed this target by already raising £9,665.