It’s great news all round as Crowdfund Cornwall celebrates two more successes!

It’s smiles all round for Crowdfunder HQ today as two fantastic Cornish projects hit their target. First to complete was The Art of Surfing who managed to raise £1,567 who were then followed shortly after by Shutterpod who smashed their 1k target, ending on 132%.

Crowdfund Cornwall success: Falmouth University graduate raises the funds to produce photography collection

Press and Editorial Photography graduate, Kate Wierenga, raises £400 to produce a book that will showcase images from her final year project. Kate’s project Birth Spaces is among a number of great Cornish projects that have launched campaigns as part of our latest campaign Crowdfund Cornwall.

Josie Purcell, of Shutterpod, is on a mission to raise her 1k target

Josie Purcell recently appeared on BBC Radio Cornwall and whilst speaking on air was approached by Niddocks Ltd who told her they would match fund her project if she raises her 1k target. This is amazing news, so come on pledge away and make Josie’s idea become a reality:

Collective get funded by the crowd!

It’s that time of the week again when we bring you yet another success story. This time it’s a collective of 13 photography degree students at The Manchester College, who raised £225 to showcase a collection of their works at an End Of Year exhibition.The Togaedere Collective Photography Exhibition is just one of the many creative projects[…]

Stockport photography students smash their target

Another huge success for the Crowdfunder team and some very talented students from Stockport.We love helping out students here at Crowdfunder and the latest to smash their target are photography students from Stockport who set a goal of £250 but managed to crowdfund £295.The second year students clubbed together and asked the crowd to help fund for[…]

Success: Amy Overbury makes history

We love funding creative projects here at Crowdfunder and the latest to raise the funds is Amy Overbury with her project titled; Lidocaine for the Memories.Amy was looking to raise £200 for her photography project and exceeded this target ending on £235.Here at Crowdfunder HQ we know how important art is and how much of an[…]

End of Year Photography Degree Show raise 198%

The Crowdfunder team want to say a huge well done to the Mid-Cheshire college photography students who are responsible for raising £494 – 96% over their original target amount.The students behind The End of Year Photography Degree Show were looking to raise £250 so they could showcase their work at a professional gallery space in Manchester[…]

Inspirational art project raises £1,000

Crowdfunding is a fantastic way to inspire people to put money into something really great – which is just what our latest success aimed to do. Claire and her team managed to raise their £1,000 and make a real difference in the process. Claire Fouche, founding director + trustee of the Maisha charity, launched the project titled;[…]

Success: Frame of Mind finish on 110%

It seems everyone wants a piece of the crowdfunding action at the minute, and with project submissions comes project success’. The latest project to reach their target (plus some) comes from a group of second year photography students studying in Carlisle.The students needed £150 to showcase their work in a final exhibition titled ‘Frame of Mind’. ‘Frame of Mind’ brings[…]

Two projects succeed this week.

This week we are pleased to say that New Memories For Old and Solider Godfather have both smashed their targets and raised more than their target amounts.New Memories For Old was a photography project founded by a group of BA Hons photography students from Cumbria. They wanted to showcase photographs that explore the memory –[…]