Sister site;, crowdfunds the Leeds Bread Co-op

Case study: Leeds Bread Co-op Three bakers from Leeds came to, part of the Crowdfunder network, to ask for £8,000 in order to buy a bread oven, this would be the starting point to setting up co-operative bakery.“We are delighted to have raised the original target we set out through the network! It has[…]

Is crowdfunding the next step for start-up businesses?

James Caan shares his experiences of setting up a business today via The Guardian, talking about the most common mistakes. With more and more people setting up new businesses in a declining economy is crowdfunding the way forward for start-ups?Cann says: “One of the biggest mistakes an entrepreneur can make is getting caught up in[…]

Are you looking to crowdfund a landshare project?

Here at Crowdfunder we have a massive network of platforms, one of these being Landshare, DYFI Land Share is one of the latest projects that we can push across this network. We would love to hear from you if you have a similar project idea but for the time being read more on the latest innovative[…]