When the high street banks won’t play ball… Get Ratty!

The Globe FoweyWhen he was rejected for by the banks in his quest to renovate The Globe, landlord Tony Goodman decided not to get mad… Instead he got Ratty! After seeing Jess (Marketing Manager, Crowdfunder) speak at an event in December Tony was inspired, and in just 5 days he crowdfunded his original £10,000 target.Check[…]

Queen of Code Project Profile: Jessika Wiper

The Queen of Code campaign is currently under way Creative England have partnered with Crowdfunder to give female game developers the opportunity to raise funds.Jessika Wiper intends to develop games for people with disabilities. Her current focus is to design a game that’s accessible to people with Cerebral Palsy and the funding she hopes to raise via her Queen of[…]

Seven steps to “Overfunding” success on Crowdfunder

Overfunding on Crowdfunder is a fantastic opportunity to raise more funds for your project – you’re guaranteed to receive the money you’ve raised so far, you’ve got a huge amount of support from your crowd, and an amazing success story that can only get better! On average, the projects that choose to put effort into overfunding reach 142% of their original target!