How a Crowdfunder campaign united a region…

Once in a while you see a project that captures the imagination like no other.   “Bring the Foo Fighters to Cornwall” was one of those projects.   It took two great disparate ingredients and put them together to make something that made you sit up and ask “why has no one done that before!”[…]

Crowdfunding to spring into the music industry

Essex based Stan Blade, who’s music fuses urban styles, folk, blues and spoken word is crowdfunding raise funds for a two-week summer tour around some of the major UK music scenes to promote his material which has already attracted major label interest.   The musical journey across the UK will be documented – rewarding followers with live[…]

“We are truly blessed by the wonderful support we have had”

In as little as three years, the Xander brothers, Keith and Stuart from Liverpool, have gone from jamming in their flat, to busking on the streets of Liverpool, to supporting Bon Jovi at Old Trafford. Xander and the Peace Pirates are a rock band who aim to take America by storm after raising £3,299 whilst[…]

Case Study – Baba Brinkman – The Rap Guide to Evolution

Amount Raised : £12,588  (target £10,000) Time Taken : 45 days Background on Baba and The Rap Guide To Evolution Award winning rap artist Baba Brinkman successfully raised £12,588 in just 45 days to turn his rap album “The Rap Guide to Evolution” into an educational DVD about the Darwinian ecosystem.  The DVD consists of 12 music[…]


We know how important rewards are to a successful pitch which is why we’re here to help. It’s really important that your rewards entice backers to look at your project and that they reflect the amount of money people are pledging. Here at Crowdfunder we know it can be hard to come up with reward[…]