How to warm up your Facebook crowd

When watching from afar, crowdfunding can seem completely effortless. You see the support rolling in, happy project owners sharing gratitude and sending virtual high fives and hugs. However, the reality of it is that crowdfunding is a lot of work and behind the scenes, there’s a person working tirelessly to co-ordinate, plan and schedule their[…]

The Bakehouse talk to Crowdfunder’s Emily Smith

Emily Smith talks to The Bakehouse after their recent success and finds out how important social media was to their campaign. The Bakehouse successfully managed to raise £2,025 for their community bakery in the Upper Calder Valley.

Is crowdfunding the next step for start-up businesses?

James Caan shares his experiences of setting up a business today via The Guardian, talking about the most common mistakes. With more and more people setting up new businesses in a declining economy is crowdfunding the way forward for start-ups?Cann says: “One of the biggest mistakes an entrepreneur can make is getting caught up in[…]

Merionwen: Naturally Nourishing finish on 138%

Interview with Helen Reeves Howard – Merionwen. Naturally Nourishing.Helen Reeves ran a really successful campaign and managed to finish on 138%, raising £615 over her target amount – this meant that the project ended on £2,215. Helen learnt the concept of crowdfunding pretty much straight away by shouting about her project loads on Twitter and[…]