“This free community venue [has been] created by the very people it seeks to serve”

An Teach Saor translates to Free House from Irish Gaelic, also otherwise known as The Happy Pig. Mark Boyle, formally known as The Moneyless Man, along with co-founder Jess Pasteiner had a vision to create a community space that fundamentally challenges the notion that services and products have to be beholden to – and limited by – money.

Stepney City Farm show us how it’s done!

If you have been wondering how to smash a crowdfunding target then look no further because Stepney City Farm have recently raised 49% over their original target. This is brilliant and not once did the team behind the project take their foot off the pedal and stop pushing.

We had a great time at the CRCC event!

We love the guys over at Cornwall Rural Community Council and what they are doing for community groups over Cornwall is amazing. We recently held an event with some of the team at the CRCC at Newquay Sports Centre.

We’re friends with Capital Growth, are you?

We’re really excited to start working with Capital Growth, London’s biggest food growing network, on a number of their projects and hopefully help lots of their members crowdfund their brilliant growing schemes.

“If I hadn’t raised the funds through Crowdfunder I really don’t know where I would be”

Joel Knight is an 18 year old swimmer who is already making a big name for himself after winning five national age group gold medals, came fifth at the London Olympic Games trials and is within the top eight across Europe in under 18 level in 2012 and 2013. Joel’s most recent success has been[…]

“To be honest, I cannot imagine it getting off the ground without crowdfunding”

At Crowdfunder HQ we see many projects go live and reach their target within their set campaign time and then we see projects that reach an outstanding goal in very little time at all. Tallie Maughan, creative thinker and brains behind the Turning Earth Ceramics Studio is one of these people.

“We did it to get the ball rolling”

The guys at Leeds Bread successfully raised £8,690 from 114 backers to buy a bread over that would be at the heart of their co-operative bakery. Their project was a huge success and showed the people over Leeds, any beyond, how important local, sustainable bread is.

“I am just honored to be able to do something like this, for someone I love, with people I love”

AH2O was a project that touched hundreds of hearts, inspired millions to go and follow their dreams and raised £8,087 for an amazing cause. AH2O is an organisation that was set up by the late Anton Hawkins who saw what a difference clean water meant to the people in Chinandega in Northern Nicaragua after spending time there.

“We are truly blessed by the wonderful support we have had”

In as little as three years, the Xander brothers, Keith and Stuart from Liverpool, have gone from jamming in their flat, to busking on the streets of Liverpool, to supporting Bon Jovi at Old Trafford. Xander and the Peace Pirates are a rock band who aim to take America by storm after raising £3,299 whilst[…]

Coming soon: Made in Hackney

Coming soon to Crowdfunder is the really exciting Made in Hackney local food kitchen. This is a brilliant projects that allows members of the community to have access to healthy, affordable food. The project will be going live on Monday 3 Feb and we think will be a huge success. Read this blog with Sarah, project manager, to find out a little more about the project and what they have to offer the people of Hackney.