Oi! Mick’n’Linda – ere’s some tips on how you can #SaveTheVic!

Saving your local pub doesn’t have to be a soap opera. Here are our top tips on how you can save your local pub with Crowdfunder’s top hacks.We’ve all become a bit obsessed with Eastenders here at Crowdfunder Towers… In the latest storyline, the future of Walford’s beloved Queen Vic lies in jeopardy – and[…]

The Essential Checklist: Your Community Shares Crowdfunder Campaign

A community share offering can both unite and raise investment from the very people which an enterprise intends to benefit.You’ve done your research about community shares and what acquiring a locally-owned asset could mean for your community, but how do you go about beginning this process? We’ve put together an Essential Checklist that will help you[…]

Why Do We Need Community Shares?

A community share offering can both unite and raise investment from the very people which an enterprise intends to benefit.Crowdfunder.co.uk helps to facilitate community owned assets, with an active network of thousands of people investing in and supporting community enterprises. From shops and piers through to football clubs and farms – the list of sectors[…]

Ever Thought About Owning Your Local Pub?

For many community owned businesses, a community share offering is a great way to raise investment from the very people which the enterprise intends to benefit.In the current economic climate, with new figures showing as many as 29 pubs being closed down each week, it’s no surprise that communities are fighting back and rallying together[…]

Community Shares: Crowdfunding in the face of pub closures

With a record 29 pubs closing each week, communities are fighting back to keep their pubs open using the power of the crowd – including a group of volunteers in Somersham in the heart of rural Suffolk.The community behind the latest pub in the UK to crowdfund a community share issue has raised over £175,000[…]

Crowdfunding Community Shares: Positive News

Now offering Community Shares, Crowdfunder’s first share issue, Positive News, has raised £263,000 from their readers, supporters and journalists.The vast public support for this project reflects the growing trend for social investment across the UK – where communities are coming together to save their local pubs, develop community energy projects and take control of community[…]