Queen of Code Project Profile: Letitia Graham

Tell us a little about your background and how you got involved with creating games…I’m currently a second year student at the University of Greenwich, studying Computing with Games Development. I’ve always been playing games since I was little and so it just made sense for me to drive my studies and career towards an[…]

Queen of Code Project Profile: Dr Natasha Angelopoulou

The Queen of Code campaign is currently under way Creative England have partnered with Crowdfunder to give female game developers the opportunity to raise funds.Her project will be designed specifically for those who suffer from deafness and the hearing impaired. By using 3D sensors and tracking mechanisms, Natasha hopes to help bring the gaming market[…]

Queen of Code Project Profile: Jessika Wiper

The Queen of Code campaign is currently under way Creative England have partnered with Crowdfunder to give female game developers the opportunity to raise funds.Jessika Wiper intends to develop games for people with disabilities. Her current focus is to design a game that’s accessible to people with Cerebral Palsy and the funding she hopes to raise via her Queen of[…]