Our community is tackling and improving sustainability throughout the UK

With the latest statistics depicting a tale of horror, it is now believed that around 18 million tonnes of food, from both households and businesses, is finding its way into landfill each year throughout the UK.

To put it simply, we are either buying too much food, or not using it in time, and the incredibly harmful consequences that this habit is creating has no boundaries.

Whilst the concept of re-use and recycle has been encouraged and distilled for many centuries, it seems that our throwaway culture is getting the better of us. We need to change the way that we think about and challenge households and businesses alike, to drastically reduce the amount of waste that is being generated. Something needs to be done, and individuals and groups are increasingly turning to Crowdfunder to try and tackle the problem at hand.

Phil Geraghty, Managing Director at Crowdfunder, says…
‘We can already see the Crowdfunder community working on re-imagining how we take control of the world we want to live in. They are redefining how we come together as a community, how we grow our food, how we dispose of our waste… and a whole other range of solutions to important societal issues.’

Here are some of our favourite projects who are offering sustainable (and delicious!) solutions to food waste throughout the UK.



Toast Ale
£27,952 • 449 supporters • 28 days

Did you know that 44% of bread produced in the UK is wasted? Toast Ale are on a mission to change that by brewing beer with surplus fresh bread. They also give 100% of their profits to charity.




Too Good To Go
£9,655 • 104 supporters • 51 days

This social enterprise is dedicated to tackling food waste. They make food, that restaurants, cafes and bakers would otherwise throw away, available for collection just before they close – at massively reduced prices.



£13,516 • 273 supporters • 35 days

Snact develop creative solutions to completely unnecessary food waste and food poverty. They use food that is wasted for all the wrong reasons, that is still perfectly good and edible, to make great Snacts – something they like to call Snactivism.



Snact: Are you ready for Snact’s Delicious Protest?
£11,190 • 305 supporters • 28 days

Back for round two – nothing can stop these Snactivists! This time round, Snact aim to stop 1.4m bananas going to waste every day, by turning them into awesome food, waste-fighting banana bars. One bar will save one banana from going to waste – as well as providing a wholesome, slow release energy boost.




£15,720 • 199 supporters • 28 days

Crumbs Brewery is on a mission to create unique beers using leftover artisan loaves from Chalk Hills Bakery in Reigate. As well as tackling the growing problem of food waste in society, they are also passionate about making great beers that do justice to such a delicious ingredient.




Bubble & Squeak
£5,564 • 89 supporters • 28 days

After learning all about food waste in class at Old Oak Primary School and during their after school club at Old Oak Community Centre, this social enterprise, run by kids, was born. Bubble & Squeak collect surplus food from shops, markets and supermarkets and redistribute it to local parents from Old Oak Primary School’s Playground.



The People’s Fridge
£2,270 • 127 supporters • 28 days

This is London’s first community fridge, which offers a simple and innovative solution to both food waste and food poverty. The People’s Fridge is a public fridge where people can give spare food, and those who need it can come and take it.




The Real Junk Food Project

The Real Junk Food Project is a global, organic network of ‘pay as you feel’ concepts. Their projects divert surplus, edible food (destined for waste), and make it accessible for human consumption. This revolutionary concept is designed to challenge and highlight the issue of food waste, while creating inclusive environments where everyone is welcome.

Here are a few Real Junk Food Project’s who have crowdfunded for the initiative…

The Real Junk Food Project Plymouth
£10,720 • 71 supporters • 46 days

The Real Junk Food Project Brighton
£16,035 • 457 supporters • 56 days

Real Junk Food Manchester
£39,155 • 790 supporters • 28 days

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