Students win £1k towards their crowdfunding projects from Santander’s Student Impact Fund

Back in February, we launched the Student Impact Fund in partnership with Santander. To kick things off, we offered students with the most innovative and impactful ideas of 2018 the opportunity to win £1,000 towards a crowdfunding project. We’re pleased to announce that the nine winners are now live and crowdfunding to make their great ideas happen!

The Student Impact Fund supports students from Santander’s partner universities across the UK to address the challenges, issues and priorities that they’ve identified. Since 2007, Santander have donated over £60m to their UK partner universities and have helped tens of thousands of students and staff from universities to prosper.

Looking to build on their support for Higher Education, the Student Impact Fund has £100,000 to support students who turn to the Crowd to make great ideas happen. The bottom line is that together, we can address what matters the most to students in the UK today.

Matt Huttnell, Director of Santander Universities UK, said, “This fund is an exciting development in the bank’s partnership with Crowdfunder. We know that many students are very keen to play an active role in the world around them, and while they may have excellent ideas for projects that can benefit their communities, it can be a challenge to raise funds to bring those projects to fruition. We hope that this new fund will allow students around the country to achieve their ambitions and enable their projects to prosper.”

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Lilypads • Crowdfunder Project

Lilypads believe that innovation is a 12 year old girl with access to a sanitary pad. They are striving to end period poverty and stigma by providing affordable reusable sanitary pads and education to communities in Kenya.

“The £1,000 from Santander will enable us to start our first factory order. During our product trial, we visited a large girls-only boarding school. The staff are aware that their students often use transactional sex to access sanitary pads and thought Lilypads was a fantastic way to solve this problem. The staff wanted all the students to convert to using Lilypads, and become the first school in the area where all students use reusable sanitary pads. To supply the school, we need £1,300 to pay for the factory order, and the win means that we are a substantial way towards reaching this target. We are always delighted to hear that someone wants to help us and hopefully the Crowdfunder campaign will raise our visibility and encourage those who are interested to reach out to us.”




LUCFR • Crowdfunder Project

When someone dials 999, every second counts, and #LUCFR are a group of students volunteering in the community to help save lives.

“The £1,000 win is absolutely amazing and will help us to buy the vital equipment we require to help save the lives of those living within our community! It will also help to demonstrate that our idea is supported by a well known organisation, which we hope would encourage others to support us. As a brand new student-led initiate, we hope that Crowdfunder will not only help us to secure the vital funds required to help the scheme take off, but also raise the awareness of the positive impact students can have through education and training people within our communities.”



Sculpted • Crowdfunder Project

This group of three engineers are bringing together their passion for sustainability, design and technology with the plan to create the world’s first 3D printed furniture made from recycled plastic bottles. 

“We love 3D printing as it gives total creative freedom to design things which were previously impossible to make.”




Kittiwig • Crowdfunder Project

This product designer has the ambition to change the false hair industry for the better and is crowdfunding to validate a technical process that will save the hair of cancer patients during treatment to then be created into a personalised wig.

“The £1k win has set a foundation for our business to build on. Our aim is to use the Crowdfunder campaign as a way to invite people to learn about our offering and where we want to go. We’d also like to raise our brand profile and get more traffic through our social media. We need people behind us not just money.”




Women of Colour Society • Crowdfunder Project

Women of Colour Society are aiming to create a community of empowered women of colour, who know that the world is theirs and go after what they want in every aspect of life.

“The £1k win will go towards getting our dream off the ground. Our goal is to empower the lives of young women of colour across the UK, giving them the tools they need to get up and chase their dreams whatever that may be. This £1k will help us to put on our very first conference and start achieving some of these goals. Other than the money, we also want to raise awareness of our society and be thought provoking; we rarely consider the struggles that other communities face and even if people do not donate but become more self-aware, this also helps us work towards our goal.”



Nakiwi • Crowdfunder Project

Nakiwi is a social and environmental project raising funds to develop an innovative supply system that connects food producers directly with consumers across Cornwall; promoting healthier and more sustainable consumption habits. 




Uni of Herts Entrepreneur Society • Crowdfunder Project

The University of Hertfordshire Entrepreneur Society promote student entrepreneurship through various events and initiatives throughout the year. Their goal is to connect like-minded people to work together and develop new experiences. They now want to build a shop at the University where students can test trade and validate their new ideas with 25,000 students.

“Winning the £1,000 motivates us to work harder on the idea, as we know that there is already support for it. Having Santander and Crowdfunder back our ideas is really exciting and makes us expand our vision to accomplish more. We hope to not just raise money through Crowdfunder, but also spread the word and involve people who are interested in our project. It is a great way to reach out to people and really helps us to gain momentum.”




Project Access • Crowdfunder Project

Project Access fights inequalities in top-university applications, providing free mentoring and a personal content journey to underprivileged applicants.

“Project Access is a technology-enabled mentorship platform which aims to provide underprivileged University applicants with support and resources. Thanks to the £1k win from Santander, the team at Project Access looks forward to strengthening our matching technologies and reaching out to many more applicants as they work towards some of the world’s top Universities. In addition, the money will be used to strengthen manpower efforts to oversee long-term operations and management, as well as to upgrade the quality of mentor-developed content on our online databases. The very participation in the crowdfunding project is not something to be overlooked. It provides us valuable experience with respect to seeking further funds; giving us the opportunity to finance a wider variety of future events through Crowdfunder. Ultimately, the Crowdfunder campaign is a wider learning experience about how sustainable and independent funding can be viable for events and social enterprises. On a whole, this opportunity gives us valuable experience in furthering the aims of Project Access through exciting new ways.”



Respire • Crowdfunder Project

Air pollution is one of the world’s invisible killers and Respire are battling London’s growing lethal air pollution with green, effective and trendy moss products. 

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