Student crowdfunds her place on world-changing program at NASA


Cosima Gretton is a graduate medical student who has recently crowdfunded £2000 in order to secure her place on the prestigious Graduate Studies Program (GSP) with the Singularity University at NASA, in Silicon Valley, this summer.


 Cosima Gretton Profile


With recognition as the founder of AXNS Collective, and part of the team at Skin Analytics, Cosima has a rich educational background, having graduated from the University of Oxford and currently three years into her masters degree at King’s College, London.


“I am passionate about global access to free, quality healthcare. Technology is developing at an astounding rate, and for me it is essential such innovation is used to bring about positive change. Attending Singularity University is a chance to go beyond my potential impact as a doctor, and impact the lives of billions.”


As with most great opportunities, there is a cost involved to attend the Singularity University which led Cosima to Crowdfunder. Having already raised money to cover the first half of the fees from individuals and corporate sponsors, she then approached the crowd to help her raise the £2000 required to secure her place on the course. Her supporters will be rewarded with updates on her progress and her responses to the lectures delivered by leading experts in fields such as robotics, biotech and neuroscience, not to mention the possibility for exclusive interviews.


The Singularity University’s Graduate Studies Program is a rare opportunity for the most passionate and talented of students. The ten week program runs during the summer months and competition to attend is tough, with just 80 students being selected out of the thousands of applications they receive each year.


The aim of the GSP is to get the students working together with international thinkers, professionals and entrepreneurs to develop a range of startups that can positively impact the lives of 1 billion people using exponential technologies from Silicon Valley.


Cosima won her place on the program as part of the team behind Skin Analytics – a mobile app that helps individuals to assess moles on their skin for potential UV damage. Other students in attendance will also work on their own startups which aim to provide solutions to humanitarian challenges such as global warming, famine and disease.


Thanks to our relationship with Plymouth University we are really excited to be the pioneering crowdfunding platform in the university sector with more projects like Cosima’s leading to world-changing results on a dramatic scale.


Find out more about Singularity University and Cosima’s project idea on her Crowdfunder page.


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