Street Food businesses like yours are getting funded


Small businesses and individuals are turning to the crowd to get their projects and enterprises funded. Funding in this way is ever more popular, becoming part of everyday personal finance.

At Crowdfunder we’re all about supporting great ideas – great ideas that capture people’s imagination.  Today at Crowdfunder we’re looking at our amazing Street Food businesses all over the UK.

We’re teaming up with Virgin StartUp to help Street Food businesses to get funded, to grow and to reach out to new customers.

Why Street Food and why Crowdfunder?

1) Everyone loves great food right? – engage your regulars and make them feel a part of your business – they want to support you and help you turn your great idea into reality.

2) Grow your business – your followers will pledge and they also share their support via social media with like-minded friends.

3) Gain extra funding – through our partnerships with Virgin StartUp you could be eligible for a loan of up to £25,000. By crowdfunding you validate your idea, you prove there’s an audience that is hungry for your business.

How it works

1) Tell your story – How much do you need to raise and what for? (maybe its a new bit of kit, another stall, a new product…). Something your supporters can get behind.

2.Offer great rewards in return for pledges – Offer vouchers that can be redeemed against your food offerings, hold a special event or party, write the names of your supporters on your van/wall.

3.Reach out to your network via email, social media and at events.

Head over to and Crowdfund your #Streetfood business today.

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