The Spring Series: Make Your Idea Happen

We know what it feels like… You’ve got this great idea and you know that it’s going to make life a little bit sweeter for those around you, or perhaps even for your whole community, but you’re just feeling completely stumped about where to start. Perhaps you’ve heard a little bit about ‘crowdfunding’ here and there, but you’re not really sure what it’s about and how it could work for you, and most importantly, how it could make this great idea that you’ve got turn into a reality.

Well, we’ve got some great news for you! We’re about to launch The Spring Series; our latest trio of online workshops (they’re completely free). Delivered by our team of coaches, we’ll give you the latest scoop and how-to when it comes to crowdfunding to ensure that you get off to the best start with your Crowdfunder project and make that great idea happen.  

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Sami Mauger, Head of Projects & Innovation at Crowdfunder, says, “Starting out on your own can feel quite daunting, especially if you’re new to crowdfunding. We offer our live online workshops to lighten the load and give you the opportunity to get your questions answered by our team, right there and then.”

What can you expect from The Spring Series?

You might have noticed by now that we really love making ideas happen – it’s kind of a big deal to us. What this means is that our team are really keen to share their insider knowledge and ensure that you get all of the advice and support needed for crowdfunding success.

We offer various online workshops throughout the year to keep you in the loop, but a new season means lots of new tips! And don’t worry, we always include special guest appearances from some of our past successful project owners to give you advice from both sides of the party.

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Why is it broken down into three parts?

Each episode in The Spring Series is 30 minutes long and will cover the key topics that you need to be clued up on in order to start raising money for your idea.

There is a short PDF guide related to each of the three key topics –PlanningCreatingRunning – and it’s a good idea to have a read through of each of these before joining the online series. For the full lowdown, we would highly recommend joining all three sessions, but you can choose to watch just one or two of them if you’d prefer.

1. Getting ready to crowdfund @ 5.30pm Tue 17th April
2. Creating your Crowdfunder page @ 5.30pm Tue 24th April
3. Launching your Crowdfunder project @ 5.30pm Tue 1st May

Who can sign up and join The Spring Series?

Got an idea that you want to make happen? Then roll on up! From charities to social enterprises, sports clubs to community groups – the series is suitable for anyone who is thinking about crowdfunding and everyone is welcome.

Want to sign up?

We broadcast each workshop LIVE from Crowdfunder HQ, meaning that you can ask us your questions via the chat tool as we go along. However, we completely understand that people have busy schedules, so if you miss one of the live sessions, then you will be able to watch the recorded session back in your own time.

Whether you choose to watch live or catch up with us later, you can keep up with the action over on our YouTube channel. Please do sign up to the workshops on Eventbrite if you know that you’d like to come along – it means that we can keep you updated prior to the event with the correct links etc. 

Ready to make your idea happen?

The series is gearing up to be an interesting insight into the world of crowdfunding and we can’t wait to help make that great idea happen. Sign up to The Spring Series here. 

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