Crowdfunding Success for Spike Island Cafe


Spike Island Cafe has reached its Crowdfunder target and is now pushing ahead with renovating the unique community eatery in Bristol, which prides itself on serving local, organic, sustainable, ethical and delicious foods.

The team has also secured more than £1,500 from Triodos Bank. Managing Director Charles Middleton said: Weve worked with the team behind Spike Island Café for many years and are really happy that were able to support them in this new exciting venture.

The wave of public interest behind their crowdfunding success shows just how important a role theyre set to play as a hub for the local community.

Here Spike Island Cafe Business Owner Liz Haughton outlines her future plans and tells us why she joined the crowd.

Tell us about your business in five words

Good food, warm welcome, ethical.

Why did you want to crowdfund?

To re-fit the cafe which was very blank, cold and echoey. 

How has crowdfunding helped your business?

It has given me the funds to make some vital changes to the interior and to help bring in more customers and make the place a local hub for eating, drinking, reading, working, writing and exchanging ideas.

How did you encourage pledges?

I used email, social media, the press and very good rewards. I would say its vital to anyone thinking of crowd funding that they use a mentor, have a film made for the campaign by someone who knows what they are doing and have really good and attractive rewards.

These things can and do take money off the bottom line but without them I really don’t think my campaign would have worked.  Also, take time to prepare the campaign.

Will your project create jobs?

Spike Island cafe manager Marc Russell and newest recruit Beatriz Fidalgo.

Spike Island cafe manager Marc Russell and newest recruit Beatriz Fidalgo.

Yes – by becoming a busy and vibrant cafe and bar we will become the focus of the building and the local area which will entail hiring a number of new staff.  They in turn will be trained in the use and importance of sustainable and ethical food production and sales. 

How will the project improve the lives of local people?

It will improve the lives of the building’s tenants and users by being a really lovely place to be, and for the local residents likewise. It will be a hub for connecting people to sustainable food culture.

Whats the best bit about crowdfunding? Has it spurred you to do other things?

It is a hugely useful marketing tool in its own right. It is a huge amount of work from conception to delivery of the rewards, but pays off not just in cash but in the involvement and support of people I might not have come across otherwise.

It has helped me understand the power of good marketing and hopefully to use this knowledge in the future.

Where do you want your business to be in five years?

I would like to have a third venue in 5 years! 


Visit the Spike Island Cafe project page to find out more.

Spike Island Cafe are featured as a part of the Crowdfunder Better Bristol campaign with the Bristol Green Capital Partnership  – come and check it out! 

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