Social enterprises are seeing great success with our match funding partners – and here’s why… collaborates with match funding partners to transform the face of grant distribution throughout the UK. We know that these partners are always on the lookout for community-benefiting projects to support, meaning that charities, social enterprises and CICs are in a perfect position to receive additional funds alongside money raised from the Crowd. Whilst they are all unique in their own way, they are also bound together by a unified purpose to serve society, and that’s what we’re all about here at Crowdfunder… tackling society’s challenges by making ideas happen.

Social Enterprises + Crowdfunding

A social enterprise is a business with a clear social and/or environmental mission, set up specifically to change the world for the better. Like a traditional business, a social enterprise may sell goods and services in the open market to make a profit, but what sets them apart is that they reinvest or donate these funds in order to create positive social change.

Fiona from Social Enterprise UK said, “The social enterprise model points to a different way of doing business, one that puts people and planet first. There are nearly 80,000 social enterprises in the UK – businesses set up to meet a social or environmental mission which reinvest or donate the majority of their profits back into that mission. They’re businesses that are set up to create a fairer, more sustainable world and are transforming lives and communities at both local and international level. They are running community owned renewable energy projects; creating jobs for the homeless, disabled and long term unemployed; providing a people-centred approach to social care and so much more.”

Due to the clear impact that social enterprises have upon their communities, it puts them in the perfect position to be potentially eligible for additional funds from one of our match funding partners. Many of these businesses have already benefited, so why not get in touch to see if your project fits the bill?

GoCode Academy crowdfunded to build a creative space for young people to digitally express themselves, where digital skills could be acquired and inspire the next generation of technology entrepreneurs. As well as raising £9,185 from the Crowd, they also received a £10,000 match fund pledge from Santander Changemaker and £1,000 from GoDaddy.

Robert from GoCode Academy said, “There are many sports and music clubs out there, but there is a lack of clubs and spaces for innovators and makers. As our lives become more and more dependent on technology, it’s important to encourage and inspire the next generation of coders. Who knows? The next Elon Musk or Bill Gates could be at one of our camps!”

Bottle of Ginger, a community drinks company, also crowdfunded to great success for their social enterprise so that they could launch a bottled ginger beer to change local ‘juice’ culture in Bridgeton, Glasgow. The £2,675 raised from the Crowd, along with two match fund pledges of £1,750 from Santander Changemaker and £1,000 from 123Reg, meant that they were able to transform their idea into reality.

Bottle of Ginger said, “The donation from the Santander Changemaker Fund allowed us to involve local people in making a local drink from start to finish. Working together to forage, source and grow ingredients, develop the recipe, design the labelling and packaging, decide on pricing and distribution is our first attempt at re-inventing the soft drink chain as a community working together for local and global change!”

Rob Love, Founder of, said, “By coming together to support ideas that will change the world to be a better place for us all to live in, we are socially investing in our future. We need to nurture this want for change in order to have a positive impact on society, and that is the essence of social investment… we are investing in the social good of the future.”

Fiona from Social Enterprise UK added that, “If we’re to deal with the challenges of widening inequality and a changing climate, businesses need to play their part. Social enterprises show how profit can combine with purpose and sustainability – in short, they point to the future of business.”

It’s clear that more ideas, the ideas that have the incredible potential to bring about a new way of seeing or doing things, need to be a reality – and social enterprises are changing the face of businesses nationwide to lead the way!

The Reach Fund

We are delighted to be an Access Point for The Reach Fund. Charities and social enterprises looking to raise investment via will now be able to apply for a Reach Fund grant.

Camilla Parke, Investment Associate at Big Society Capital, said, “The Reach Fund is a fantastic resource to help charities and social enterprises looking to raise investment get over the final hurdle. We’re delighted that leading crowdfunding platforms have become Access Points and can make this grant funding accessible to organisations they’re working with – for many this could be the final piece in the puzzle to unlock much-needed investment from the Crowd.”

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