So, what the bloody hell is an alpaca …

… why not ask Alan Parks?

Alan and his partner Lorna have been living in Spain for five years, when they moved to start a new life. Whilst there they have started to breed alpacas and Alan ended up writing a book titled ‘Seriously mum, what’s an alpaca?’ He came to to ask the crowd for £800 to raise awareness of his book. Alan reached his target today with 13 days left.

Alan’s book raises awareness of alpacas as a potential alternative solution for farmers across the world. Alpacas originate from Peru, where they are bred for their fibre and used to be known as the Fibre of the Gods by the Incan civilization  Alpaca fleece has many qualities including being exceptionally warm and also hypoallergenic.

The £800 raised from the project will fund a PR campaign to bring alpacas, as well as Alans book to the public eye in the UK. Alan hopes people will learn about these fabulous animals, and what their fleece can be used for.

Alan said: “I chose to crowdfund my project after it had been suggested to me as a way to raise funds for the publishing process.

“We live in Spain, completely off grid, and I had no budget to produce any PR for the book to try and reach a wider audience, plus the majority of people are still unaware that alpacas even exist. So I came up with a plan to try and raise funds for a PR campaign to raise awareness for the book, and alpacas as an alternative farming lifestyle at the same time.”

“I have been really pleased with support, especially from unexpected quarters. I think it is a fun and interactive way for people to get involved in a project.”

There is still time to make your mark on Alan’s project and help raise awareness of these great animals. Make your pledge today

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