On the sixth day of crowdfunding, let’s take a look at this – six farms are growing!

Welcome to The 12 Days Of Crowdfunding… a celebration of our top picks from 2017 – and trust me, there were a lot to choose from. We take our hats off to all of our project owners, who are a collection of some of the finest changemakers out there. They are working hard everyday to make their mark on communities across the whole of the UK, with the help of the Crowd of course. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and can’t wait to welcome in the New Year with the same resolution that we always abide by (we don’t mind if you want to steal it as yours too)… Make Ideas Happen.

We’ve always known that the Crowdfunder community is made up of some seriously innovative and inspiring souls, setting an example to us all about the importance of tackling society’s biggest problems head on. Well 2017 certainly wasn’t a let down on this front, with a huge rise in communities speaking up and seeking to start or develop their multi-purpose farms so that they can build a sustainable future together.

In a world that is faced with poverty, extreme food wastage, environmental problems and so many other issues, the importance of finding long-term, viable solutions is entirely necessary. These changemakers are doing just that and offering solutions that don’t just benefit today’s society, but also deliver an effective output for generations to come.

The Projects




Ouseburn Farm • Crowdfunder Project
March 2017
£21,440 • 830 supporters

Ouseburn Farm turned to the Crowd to secure a long-term future for their working farm and local charity, which has continued to serve and support their urban community for over 40 years. The funds raised through their Crowdfunder project helped them to not only grow vegetables and feed their rescued animals, but it also meant that they could now run educational workshops for children and adults, and also work with people who have been homeless and help them to get back on track.




Lauriston Farm Social Farming Initiative • Crowdfunder Project
April 2017
£21,450 • 20 investors

Lauriston Farm offer socially disadvantaged people meaningful life experiences on the farm, through educational farm walks and workshops. Through their Crowdfunder project, they offered investors the chance to become a shareholder and be a part of their new Social Farming Initiative, which integrates adults with learning difficulties from the local community into the day to day activities on the farm.




Sutton Community Farm • Crowdfunder Project
May 2017
£81,632 • 302 investors

Sutton Community Farm started out in 2010 in response to a community need – increase access to fresh, healthy and sustainable food, and provide a shared space for people to cultivate skills. They crowdfunded to build a barn which would give themselves the space needed to flourish, but also to provide the local community the opportunity to become a shareholder in their community share offer.




moy hill farm • Crowdfunder Project
November 2017
£77,329 • 581 supporters

moy hill farm’s mission is to feed local people, love the earth and inspire. Looking to not only buy a 60-acre plot next to the existing farm, but to also inspire others to follow their lead, they asked for supporters to pledge and solidify the message that together, we can do this – ‘We can grow our own food. We can drink clean water. We can give our children the gift of wild nature’.



Green Earth Organics • Crowdfunder Project
November 2017
£30,671 • 438 supporters

Green Earth Organics believe that the protection of our fragile environment is the highest priority that we have. They crowdfunded in order to produce more organic food, protect the environment and create a truly sustainable food system. The funds raised enabled them to grow their organic farm, reach more families with their weekly delivery of organic boxes, provide more local rural employment and fundamentally, produce more food sustainably.




Norwich FarmShare • Crowdfunder Project
December 2017
£25,772 • 155 supporters

After a long search, Norwich FarmShare signed a contract for their new site at Valy Avenue allotments, but needed the Crowd’s help to buy equipment and setup infrastructure on this new, community growing site. As well as growing beautiful and chemical free veg, they also set out to focus their educational and community engagement work here.

From The Team

Hannah Rutland, Content Writer at Crowdfunder, said,For me, this selection of Crowdfunder projects is one of the most exciting things to see – I don’t think that there is anything more inspiring than people uniting to solve problems together. I’m always in awe of what the people behind these projects achieve, all with a little bit of togetherness, determination and a wonderful vision. Personally, it’s a great source of inspiration when thinking about how I can do my bit in my own community.”

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