On the second day of crowdfunding, let’s take a look at this – two beavers swimming!

Welcome to The 12 Days Of Crowdfunding… a celebration of our top picks from 2017 – and trust me, there were a lot to choose from. We take our hats off to all of our project owners, who are a collection of some of the finest changemakers out there. They are working hard everyday to make their mark on communities across the whole of the UK, with the help of the Crowd of course. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and can’t wait to welcome in the New Year with the same resolution that we always abide by (we don’t mind if you want to steal it as yours too)… Make Ideas Happen.

The Project

In June 2017, Cornwall Wildlife Trust collaborated with their partner Woodland Valley Farm to achieve crowdfunding success and bring beavers back to Cornwall – raising an incredible £20,165 from 274 supporters to make their idea a reality.


After being hunted to extinction in the UK 400 years ago, this ground-breaking project hoped to show the incredible benefits that beavers can have on our natural habitat. For example, this very cute animal (it has to be said – see photos below!) has the extraordinary potential to reduce flooding through activities such as building dams and digging water channels, enabling the land around them to hold more water. What this means is that during very heavy rainfall, water doesn’t flow as quickly into rivers and thus helps to prevent them overflowing and bursting their banks. This same activity helps to make river water cleaner as slowing the flow of the water helps to filter it, causing soil sediment and pollutants to settle at the bottom of beaver ponds, essentially trapping them away.


The two beavers were reintroduced to a fenced area, upstream of Ladock village near Truro, that had recently been victim to severe flooding – and some of our team were lucky enough to be there to witness the event!

Georgie, Social Media Manager at Crowdfunder, said, “It was an honour to witness the beavers being released back in the wild after working with Jasmin and the team at Cornwall Wildlife Trust on the ‘Bring Beavers Back to Cornwall‘ project. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and worked so hard throughout the campaign for such a wonderful cause.”

Sami, Head of Coaching and Project Innovating at Crowdfunder, said, “Every so often, a project comes along that gets everybody at Crowdfunder HQ buzzing – we cheered the beavers along every step of the way! Being invited along to the release day was such a privilege. The hushed excitement as we watched them plop into the water and begin to explore their new home was nothing short of magical.”

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