Oi! Mick’n’Linda – ere’s some tips on how you can #SaveTheVic!

Saving your local pub doesn’t have to be a soap opera. Here are our top tips on how you can save your local pub with Crowdfunder’s top hacks.

We’ve all become a bit obsessed with Eastenders here at Crowdfunder Towers… In the latest storyline, the future of Walford’s beloved Queen Vic lies in jeopardy – and it seems that only crowdfunding can save it.

Landlords Mick and Linda have been presented with a huge list of repairs, and an even bigger bill, by the company who are officially part-owners of Britain’s best loved drinking hole. The duo have turned to the people of Walford to ask them to help stop the bad guys from taking over the pub and turning it into another block of flats.

In a display of true Walford community spirit, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched and funds have already started to come in, but – as with every Eastenders plot – it’s not been plain sailing and deadline day is now fast approaching…

Here at Crowdfunder, we know a thing or two about saving community pubs – after all we’ve raised money for Gardeners Rest, The Duke Of Marlborough and The Auctioneers Arms, to name a few.

Here’s our top crowdfunding tips for how Mick and Linda – and your community – could raise the funds needed to save a beloved community asset.

Awright Mick’n’Linda? Let’s get you craaaaadfunding

Build your team.

You’ve identified the cause, a community-centred pub in this case, and now you need to get people involved. The best thing about a community project is in the name – it’s all about community! Having a team with varied ages and skill sets can ensure that you will have all bases covered. Think about your strengths and weaknesses – are there any gaps in your own skillset that need to be filled? The core team behind great crowdfunding projects is usually made up of two to five key people, so think about who you want on board and play to everyone’s strengths.

Plan your project.

This is a great time to put together a detailed plan of how you intend to encourage supporters to make a pledge on your Crowdfunder project. There is a lot to plan, including a really eye-catching project page, events to engage your community, and also some unique rewards and incentives. Mick and Linda could be offering a drink at an exciting event that they are organising in exchange for a pledge on the project! Rewards are a great way of increasing the amount of money a supporter will pledge, as well as a great way to generate excitement around your cause. Think about the kind of people who will be making the pledges and offer rewards that you think they would want to receive.

Engage with your community.

Projects that speak to the community tend to be really successful when it comes to crowdfunding, because the public support is already there. By pledging towards your project, they are supporting a business or idea that will ultimately benefit them. However, you mustn’t assume this support and should ensure that you are engaging with them consistently throughout your crowdfunding project. You could organise crowdfunding evenings and events to encourage a real sense of excitement around your cause, focusing always on the fact that their support has a real sense of impact.

Can you get extra funds?

At Crowdfunder, we work with local authorities and private partners who are looking to fund projects throughout the whole of the UK. There are many initiatives that might qualify for a boost, and community projects tend to be one of them. Basically, if your project meets the criteria of the fund, it may get an additional pledge on top of the money raised from the Crowd. Perhaps a local authority in the East End wants to get behind the #SaveTheVic endeavour and match the amount raised through crowdfunding so far?

Just get going!

You’ve put a lot of hard work and time into planning your project and rallying up your Crowd, but the time to make your idea happen is here. You need to convert all of that good will that you have built up into real, visible money on your Crowdfunder project page. All of the time spent engaging with your crowd of supporters should come to fruition as people get excited about how the project is starting to take shape. Be sure to keep those noise levels up about what you are doing… you don’t want anyone to miss out. And most importantly – have fun!

Click here if you would like to find out more about crowdfunding for your community idea.

Now let’s get daahhhn the rub-a-dub for a swift tiddly wink!

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