Social changemakers, listen up! We’ve now distributed over £100K of our Santander Changemaker Fund

Crowdfunder works in partnership with Santander to offer the £200,000 Changemaker Fund. The fund aims to help social enterprises, small charities and community groups throughout the UK, to deliver innovative solutions that will improve communities.

So, how does it work? If you have a project that supports social change and delivers measurable impact, then Santander will place an additional pledge, of up to 50%, to match fund the amount raised by the crowd and help you to reach your target. With the recent release of the Matched Crowdfunding Report, we now have the evidence to prove the incredible impact that matched funding is having upon increasing support from the crowd.

The time to apply for the fund is running out and we have lots of applicants who are closing in on their 50% targets to unlock their funding. So, if your project supports disadvantaged people by giving them confidence in the future through building skills and knowledge, or if your innovative ideas help communities to prosper, then get in touch today to find out if you are eligible. Together, we can create social change through the power of ideas.

Here are some of the most successful projects that have been match funded by Santander so far.




Munching Caterpillars

£7,794 from the crowd • £3,500 from Santander • 314 supporters

The Butterfly Conservation’s Munching Caterpillars project looks to inspire and motivate a new generation to love nature and create guardians who will speak up for the natural world in the future. By introducing seven to eleven year olds to the world of butterflies, moths and their caterpillars, the team behind this project visit schools, youth groups and public events across the UK to bring hands-on activities to children in towns, cities and rural areas.




No child should carry their life in a bin bag

£14,595 from the crowd • £10,000 from Santander • 304 supporters

Madlug’s project aims to help children in care by providing them with new pack-away travel bags, so that they can carry their life with dignity. As health trusts don’t provide suitcases, children in care more often than not, put all of their worldly belongings in a bad bag as they move from one place to the next. This movement crowdfunded so that they could order extra bags to be manufactured and meet the increasing demand for their product.




Expand Cycling Without Age across Scotland

£23,492 from the crowd • £20,000 from Santander • 378 supporters

This voluntary community group, based in Falkirk in Scotland, are part of the global initiative, Cycling Without Age. The project is made up of local volunteers who visit local care and senior citizen facilities around the community and offer residents to be a passenger on their specially designed trishaws. They crowdfunded so that they could bring the project to more care homes across Scotland.

Crowdfunder and Cycling Without Age have now announced an innovative partnership to help support, fund and launch more initiatives across the UK.




Disability Today – Connecting the Unconnected

£5,925 from the crowd • £5,000 from Santander • 131 supporters

This Social Enterprise aims to enhance the lives of the disabled community through Disability Today – a new website that provides information on disability from around the world. With the goal to enable ordinary disabled lives to be extraordinary, Disability Today provides the facilities for the disabled community to read and communicate with the world around them, enjoy new experiences and learn about what is available to them. By offering opportunities to go out and report on events happening around them, Disability Today want to provide news and information to a community that can sometimes be left behind.




Goldfinger Factory Turns Waste into Gold

£14,558 from the crowd • £10,000 from Santander • 166 supporters

This award-winning design, build and teaching platform crowdfunded to start expanding into two new sites in London. Goldfinger Factory tackle social problems and create jobs by offering local expert artisans, who would otherwise be struggling to make ends meet, the chance to access workshop facilities and retail space. They also train young people between the ages of 16-25, who have fallen through the cracks of mainstream education, in traditional skills such as carpentry, metalworking, cabinet making and decorating to increase their employability and offer them a brighter future.


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