Road Safety for under 7’s

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 14.34.31Having seen her own little boy knocked off his bike, Sarah Watts is passionate about teaching children about road safety. She’s used her experience as a drama teacher to come up with fun and educational sessions to help children learn how to stay safe on the roads. And with the help of Crowdfunder and AXA Insurance she aims to provide these for free in schools and nurseries around Cumbria.


Sarah’s Crowdfunder campaign is part of the AXA Roadsafe initiative who are  providing £15,000 of match-funding via Crowdfunder to help local projects make our roads safer. For Sarah, who runs her own drama business in Cumbria, Pyjama Drama, it’s the perfect opportunity to get her road safety sessions out to under-seven-year-olds in her area.


“My little boy was knocked down off his bike by a vehicle and it was horrific, but thankfully he walked away with just cuts and bruises,” she says. “I work with children and families every day and I would hate any of those to go through what we did on that day of the accident. I also feel that I need to teach children road safety due to it not being on the national curriculum.


“Drama is a great way for children to express themselves. Role-play is especially fantastic for children to learn a subject safely and to work things out for themselves. It’s fun, memorable and way better than a worksheet!”


The sessions she has developed are 40 minutes long and include songs, games, drama, music and discussion, all themed around road safety. Sarah wants to be able to send out a team to deliver these session free of charge in local schools and nurseries, along with resource packs.


After struggling to find grants to fund her idea, her boyfriend showed her his own crowdfunding campaign for a separate project and suggested she set one up herself.


“I was amazed that people were pledging so much but also amazed at how simple it was and how easy it seemed to set up a project of your own,” she says.


She is looking to raise £3,100 by March 20th, and hopes that having the AXA Insurance name behind the campaign, along with the offer of match-funding, will give her project an extra boost.


“It’s great about the match offer from AXA and it is welcomed with open arms as this will ensure that more road safety sessions will be delivered,” she says. “I’m hoping that having a brand like AXA Insurance behind me will show my project is worthwhile and therefore more people will pledge.”


Sarah’s campaign is one of a number of projects that are taking advantage of Crowdfunder’s partnership with AXA to help reduce the number of casualties on UK roads. Everyone from parents and schools to local campaigners and businesses can use Crowdfunder to fund their road safety initiatives and secure match-funding from AXA Insurance.


James Barclay from AXA Insurance, says, “Crowdfunding is a great way for us to connect directly with communities – match-funding projects that the communities themselves have pledged on means that we are helping to support projects that we know are important to local areas across the UK.”


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