How to reach Cristiano Ronaldo on social media in 5 steps

James McCarthy is showing crowdfunders the world over how to run a brilliant campaign. Here’s how he got support from Cristiano Ronaldo…



1. The James McCarthy Foundation visit Manchester United FC

@JMC_Foundation – 1,726 followers

@ManUtd – 3.06 million followers





2. They nominate Gary Neville to complete the Ice Bucket Challenge

@GNev2 – 2.43 million followers




3. Gary Neville nominates Paul Scholes, who nominates…



4. …Darren Fletcher – who receives the icy drenching from James McCarthy himself.



5. And finally, Cristiano Ronaldo accepts the challenge before passing it on to Beyonce, J-Lo and Lil’ Wayne!

@Cristiano – 29.2 million followers



Screen shot 2014-08-18 at 09.49.22


With a total Twitter following of 34,690,000 it’s no wonder the James McCarthy Foundation’s Crowdfunder campaign has gone viral!

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