Project success: Understanding Airsoft reaches 128% with 13 days to go

The successes just keep on coming and the latest to reach their target is Ashleigh Wright with her project Understanding Airsoft. Ashleigh asked the crowd to help her raise £250 to produce a book on the sport of airsoft and yesterday smashed her target reaching £320.

Ashleigh is a female photographer based in Kent and currently studying a Bachelor of the Arts Degree in Contemporary Photography. Ashleigh has a strong love and interest in sports photography.  It is from this love of sports, both watching and taking part in them, that her decision to become a sports photographer has grown and it is now the main path she has chosen to follow throughout her career.

Airsoft is a sport much like paintball but with a few main differences. The biggest difference is the ammunition used within the game; airsoft does not employ the use of brightly coloured paint filled capsules but instead uses 6mm plastic ball bearings that do not leave a visible mark to simulate rounds. It is for this reason that many airsoft players believe the sport to be a better experience than paintball as the sport is based on the honesty of players which generally means that the people you are sharing the airsoft experience with are genuine people in real life.

All the money raised will go towards creating copies of the book and also aid the distribution of them to certain activity centers  colleges and universities  Ashleigh’s main goal for this book is to get it seen by as many people as possible and, if possible, gain more interest and understanding for the sport of airsoft.

A massive thanks to all who backed this project and a huge well done to Ashleigh. There is still time left on this project so go now and make your pledge:

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