Project of the week: Hopes of a Nation

Has everyone seen our project of the week? We love Hopes of a Nation.

Callum Smith is 45 and lives in Scotland and with the help of Entrepreneurial Spark launched his crowdfunding project in the hope of raising £5,000.

Hopes of a Nation is about creating the most inspirational Scottish book ever.  Using the power of voices Callum will create a book containing quotes, photos and drawings from famous and ordinary people with an affinity to Scotland. Callum has already collected 160 hand written quotes from some of Scotland’s most famous and successful people, the video shows some examples of those already in the book.

Callum and his team realised that an inspirational book alone will not change people’s lives and so after the book is published they plan to run inspirational events based on the knowledge they have gathered from Scotland’s most successful people. Hopes of a Nation is not about politics, the leaders of all political parties have already written quotes in the book. Hopes of a Nation is about YOU, it’s about YOUR country, it is about creating the type of Nation we all want for ALL our children. A country full of hope, optimism, ambition, clear values and a sense of possibility these are the hallmarks of a nation brimming with confidence, that’s what Hopes of a Nation wants to achieve for all the people of Scotland – including you!

We love Callum’s passion and hope that he makes his target. He has nine days left can you help?


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