Project of the week: COBRA : A Critical Response – art book publication

Has everyone seen our project of the week? We love COBRA: A critical response – art book publication. 

COBRA is the British Government’s emergency response committee set up to respond to a national or regional crisis. Standing for Cabinet Office Briefing Room A, the COBRA committee come together in moments of perceived crisis under the chairmanship of either the Prime Minister or the Home Secretary.

A book will bring together all the responses from artists and writers to the recent COBRA meeting following the killing of soldier, Lee Rigby, in Woolwich, South London. Using the context and presentation of the COBRA committee as our inspiration, each individual artist and writer has been given nine days in which to create a visual, written or designed response.

With full color images and detailed texts the COBRA 1.1 publication will showcase a range of different artistic and written perspectives in relation to COBRA for the first time. Your investment will cover the costs of publishing this book.

Total cost are as follows,

£1100.00 =  150 full color books

£200.00   =   Small book launch

Check it out and get on board:

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