Project Focus: Stop Funding Hate

Stop Funding Hate are back for their second Crowdfunder project of 2017 – and they’ve already got the support of over 800 individuals in less than 24 hours, all with the simple encouragement to choose compassion over hate.

This movement is on a mission to tackle hate and discrimination in the media by persuading brands to pull their advertising in the publications that promote just this. After previously crowdfunding to great success, Stop Funding Hate were able to establish themselves as a fully-fledged organisation and challenge hostile media coverage with their biggest campaign to date.

Rosey Ellum, Digital Manager at Stop Funding Hate, said, “We saw crowdfunding as a way to reach people that might not have heard about Stop Funding Hate and engage them in the campaign. We already had a network consisting of hundreds of thousands of social media followers, so we wanted a mechanism that would include them, excite people and create a buzz.”

As more and more advertisers pull away from these tabloids, it’s clear that their voice is being heard… but now they want to turn up the volume and change the UK media for good.

Whilst recent coverage has been met with a response of attack from the opposition, Stop Funding Hate are adamant that their message is built upon a foundation of polite engagement. Much more than just a tiny group of individuals, but rather a movement that is made up of hundreds of supporters from all ages, backgrounds and political allegiances, they are refusing to have their determined spirit dampened.

Stop Funding Hate continue to encourage Britain’s best loved-brands to pull their ad campaigns from the named tabloids that have been called out for hate speech and discrimination, with their arms wide open to anyone who shares the same values of fairness, respect, empathy and honesty.

Intending to take their campaign to the next level, they are turning to the Crowd once again to ask for their support. Aiming to empower the people who oppose hateful messaging to speak up, they hope to enforce the want for a hatred and discrimination free media, which instead reports accurately and fairly.

Richard Wilson, Director at Stop Funding Hate, said, “We’ve launched this Crowdfunder as a positive response to highly misleading media attacks on our supporters. Stop Funding Hate is not just a “tiny group”. We know that thousands of people across the UK are concerned about the hate crime in their communities and want to see a fairer and more responsible media. By supporting this Crowdfunder, Stop Funding Hate supporters are helping to demonstrate the strength of public feeling on this issue. Our supporters also know that the attacks are a sign that the campaign is working. More and more advertisers are choosing love over hate and pulling away from publications that seek to demonise and divide us. So the money we raise from this Crowdfunder will be used to ramp up our campaigning activities, and give Stop Funding Hate supporters the tools that they need to change the media for good in 2018.”

The funds raised through their second Crowdfunder project will enable them to build on their staff capacity and ensure that they can support everyone who wants to be involved. In order to build on their collective success so far and be in a position to continue with their work, they also need the assistance of specialist legal, security, and media services, which the funds raised from the Crowd will enable.

But what is the key to their crowdfunding success, so far?

Rosey Ellum spoke to us further about their previous Crowdfunder campaign and her top tips, “We emailed supporters beforehand to let them know how to donate on the first day and then released a video to launch the campaign. Half way through the campaign, we released another video, which was quite tongue-in-cheek and grabbed people’s attention, gaining a wide reach on Facebook. We found that using videos to engage people was extremely successful for our project. Through engagement with our followers on Facebook and Twitter and all of their sharing, we were able to create a buzz and reach new people. Don’t be afraid to take a risk with the content in your own Crowdfunder project – you definitely don’t need to always play it safe!”

If you would like to support Stop Funding Hate, you can pledge on the project here.

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