Project Focus: Munching Caterpillars

Butterfly Conservation returned to the Crowdfunder platform to run their sixth project. With a total of £53.1K raised so far, they have just achieved their biggest success yet!

Butterfly Conservation represent the definition of both nature lovers and veterans, with a goal in their most recent project to inspire a new generation of wildlife guardians for the future. We caught up with Becky, project owner of Munching Caterpillars, to talk about their crowdfunding journey so far.

What did you set out to achieve with your Crowfunder journey?

The first time we used, we were primarily looking to engage a different audience. We have a number of loyal members and supporters who regularly support our work, but we had a pool of contacts from our citizen engagement campaigns that we wanted to encourage to donate. We felt that the urgency and community aspect of crowdfunding would appeal to them, which does seem to have been the case from our experience. The majority of supporters who have pledged to our Crowdfunder projects are either new contacts, contacts who hadn’t donated before, or people who hadn’t donated in a long time.

Since this first project, we have continued to run Crowdfunder campaigns when we urgently need funds for a project. For example, if a funder has dropped out at the last minute or funding for a project is about to end, we have this amazing network of supporters who want to pledge towards what we are trying to achieve.

What do you think is the most important thing to keep in mind when creating your project page?

We have found that people who give to our Crowdfunder project wouldn’t necessarily give to other appeals, so it is best to write in a way that engages them.

In a recent Crowdfunder project of ours, we found that we weren’t getting a great response. We spoke to Sami from the Crowdfunder team who advised us to change the focus of our page and e-mails. After this we got a really great response and ended up beating our original target!

Other than written text, what else did you include on your project page to make it engaging?

We have always include lots of images, mainly because butterflies are so photogenic and engaging – it would be wrong not to.

Our last Crowdfunder campaign also included a video, but there were a lot of other factors involved, so it is hard to know if the video had a direct impact on the project’s success.

Can you tell us about how you approached the rewards on offer for your project?

Our main aim with our rewards was to try and offer things that people couldn’t get anywhere else. 

We have found that less people have chosen the rewards since the option to donate without claiming a reward has become available on, but I still think it is really important to have those good rewards available to encourage pledges from the people that do want them.

What’s your one top piece of advice to someone who is about to start creating their project page on

Ask for advice if you need it.

I have had lots of really helpful conversations when creating and promoting our Crowdfunder projects and sometimes it can provide you with a new angle that you haven’t thought of.

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