Project Focus: Komedia Bath

Nestled in the heart of Bath is Komedia – the home of music, comedy, film, cabaret and so much more. What’s incredible is that since opening its doors nine years ago, the venue has enabled upwards of three-quarters of a million individuals to experience world class live entertainment!

As a leading venue of creativity and innovation, they are now turning their dream of community ownership into reality. Komedia Bath invites supporters to put the venue where it belongs – in their hands. With the full support and engagement of a community that cares, they believe that together, they can keep the good times rolling for many years to come.

A community owned asset can both unite and raise investment from the very people which an enterprise intends to benefit. Read more about community shares here.

With your help, Komedia Bath is set to stand as testament to what independent venues and arts institutions across the whole of the UK can achieve.

We caught up with Eleanor Household, Sales and Marketing Manager at Komedia Bath, to talk about their Crowdfunder campaign so far.

Why did you decide to crowdfund?

Our desire for common-ownership and better engagement with our community was the catalyst that started us on our journey, and led us to the decision of becoming a Community Benefit Society – an endeavour that we knew would sit well with the community minded crowdfunding platform

Also, with Crowdfunder operating out of the South West, there’s a bit of a local element too.

What will this community share offer mean for Komedia Bath, if successful?

It will mean that we can transform our business and the venue into one that is not just effective at hosting events, but to one that is also central and key to the city of Bath and the surrounding area.  

We also know that many organisations are watching our progress keenly and we think that this could well be the model for resilient and relevant mid scale venues all around the UK.

We hope the public appetite is there to keep the creative offer alive in their own cities and towns.

How have you been promoting your Crowdfunder project, before it went live and also whilst it has been running?

We have been working hard behind the scenes!

As well as building new relationships and re-engaging with old friends, collaborators and partners, our social feeds have also been key in getting the message out.

We’ve been filming, interviewing and pulling together support from as many people as we possibly can, making sure that all of our local, and where possible national, media contacts are informed and updated as regularly as possible.

You received a match fund of £100k from BSC which is amazing! What does this mean for your project?

It is a huge landmark for us to be recognised by this pioneering organisation. It doesn’t just mean that we’re over the moon at being close to a third away from our target investment (at time of writing!) and well within striking distance of our final goal, but it also confirms to us that what we are doing is being recognised as a fantastic community initiative.

What are your top tips to other project owners and those considering crowdfunding?

I would say that it’s more stressful than you might imagine! However, we have fantastic relationships that we couldn’t have imagined prior to starting the campaign.

Make sure that you reach out, connect and be open – it’s so important to use every offer of help and we have found support in the most unlikely of places!

My last top tips? Set a realistic target and make sure that everyone is kept up to date.

Visit Komedia Bath’s project here and make your pledge to become a co-owner and keep this important venue running for many more years to come (before 10pm on 13th December).

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