Project Focus: GoCode Academy

GoCode Academy are on a mission to provide digital skills and inspire the next generation of technology entrepreneurs. 

After winning a pledge of £1,000 from a competition that ran in partnership with GoDaddy to support startup businesses, GoCode Academy then went on to raise over £20,000 throughout their crowdfunding campaign. 

We caught up with Robert from GoCode Academy to talk about their crowdfunding success. 

Why did you decide to crowdfund?

We wanted to build a creative space for young people to digitally express themselves. There are many sports and music clubs out there, but there is a lack of clubs and spaces for innovators and makers. As our lives become more and more dependent on technology, it’s important to encourage and inspire the next generation of coders. Who knows? The next Elon Musk or Bill Gates could be at one of our camps!

What do the funds raised through Crowdfunder mean for your project?

It allows us to really make our vision come to life. We have been running camps for over 18 months and would like to take the next step in our journey. Crowdfunding has provided credibility and validity of the idea and the funds have allowed us to really go for it!

How is crowdfunding different from how you normally finance or fundraise for projects?

We considered a lot of different avenues, but validity from the Crowd and the network of supporters that we now have made Crowdfunder a great choice for our project. It’s both a challenging and fun way to raise finance, but it has given us the boost and motivation to carry on doing amazing things – and it’s also very exciting to see the cash go up each day.

What would be your top tips for others considering crowdfunding?

Just do it!

• Plan out your campaign.
• Build a community of supporters.
• Have your social media plan ready.
• Smash the phones and bring the cash in.

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