New milestone in political engagement from the Crowd

We are proud to have just passed 100,000 members who are supporting political projects on Our community is making a stand to activate the political change that they want to see – that’s the empowering nature of crowdfunding.

In this era of dynamic political debate, the number of people becoming politically engaged will continue to grow. Here are some of the most successful political Crowdfunder projects that we’ve seen so far.


More United

£504,384 • 12,637 Supporters

More United is a people-powered movement that strives to give the public more influence over today’s political position. They have run two crowdfunding campaigns so far, in order to continue on their mission for a More United, less divided Britain.

They hope to change our future by supporting candidates and MPs who stand by their values, regardless of what party they are from, and help them to get elected.


Brexit Justice

£145,270 • 4,913 Supporters

Originally started by one man with a mission to bring justice and integrity into British policies, Brexit Justice believes that everyone, from both sides of the referendum argument, should be held accountable for any lies made during the campaigning period.

This project turned to the crowd to acquire the funding needed for this legal action to be taken and challenge Brexit in the courts.


Make Votes Matter

£22,420 • 889 Supporters

Make Votes Matter think that the voting system should ensure that those who are entitled to vote should have a vote that counts equally – no matter who they vote for, or where they live.

With the belief that the share of seats a political party receives should closely reflect the share of votes that the people give to them, they crowdfunded for the resources needed to facilitate their campaign for Proportional Representation in the House of Common by 2021.


Vote For Policies

£23,551 • 882 Supporters

Set up in 2010 by a group of volunteers, Vote For Policies aims to help people choose which political party to vote for through a really simple online service that compares policies, without showing which party they belong to.

They ran a crowdfunding project to obtain the funds needed to continue improving the quality of their service, as the number of people using the site increased.


Green Party

£370,031 (raised from all projects) • 20,218 Supporters

With members from all walks of life, the Green Party has ran 271 projects on so far. They believe that the politics of the future don’t need to look like the politics of the past – something that they aim to represent in their policies and the way that they develop them.

Their projects sought to give the crowd a voice in how their policies are written, updated and amended.

Crowdfunder is not affiliated to any individual political party.
We would like to invite all parties to crowdfund in order to gain further support and see more people engaging with the political process.  

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