Sports Crowdfunding: Plymouth Argyle Ladies FC

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When Plymouth Argyle Ladies FC got promoted to the Women’s Premier League for the 2014/15 season itwas a great day for football fans all over the county. But if there success was to be continued, they’d need vital funds to cover costs for their matches, training and everything that goes with it.

The team decided to crowdfund in order to raise the money and we’re pleased to announce that they successfully overfunded last month raising a total of £1,725 from 37 backers in 56 days!

We caught up with Chris French, Devon Football Association County Development Manager, to find out more…

The power of social media

Chris told us he found social media was the biggest player in their success, though admitted he hadn’t to chivvy the ladies into it! He told us: “They started to make their messages more personal, by talking about what they actually do and how many miles they have to travel and so on. That really helped get people engaged.

If you have an established social media presence already that is fantastic. But if not, it’s never too late! Twitter is a great starting point if you’re new to social media. It is quick to set up and you can use hashtags and retweets to spread your message across the network.

Get the press involved

This project also benefited from press coverage in the local newspaper, magazine and even radio. It can be intimidating to contact the press if you’ve never done it before, but it is a great way to spread the message of your campaign. Even if you have an amazing network of contacts, getting your project written about in the media will get your story out there and in front of people who might otherwise miss it.

The first step is to write up a simple press release. It should summarise your campaign and explain why it is a good story for the media tocover. You can ring up your local newspaper or magazine and ask for the correct person to send it too. Where possible try and include a couple of good quality images and your contact details, this makes it as easy as possible for the journalist to put together a story.

DevonFA Ladies


Whilst Chris didn’t actually set up this campaign, he has in the past and told us: “It was very easy to set up. The main thing to remember is you need to make it clear why you need the money and what for. It should be personal; it’s not a begging page.

Whilst running a successful project can involve a lot of work, Chris told us: “The reward it so worth it. It’s also quite good fun to do and you get absorbed by it.


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