Otter Farm’s Mark Diacono joins Si Walker to spill the secrets of his £64k raise


This week we had the pleasure of welcoming Otter Farm’s Mark Diacono to a live hangout, who joined Si Walker to talk through and share his Crowdfunding experience.

The former River Cottage gardener crowdfunded over £60,000 in what became a high profile fundraise to build a creative hub for Otter Farm up and scale his social enterprise.

The build was going to £100k’s, and with the attention of Kevin McCloud and Grand Designs, Mark made the decision open the build up to the community, offering future Otter Farm produce, and bookings on the course, when everything was up and running.

Throughout the hangout Mark touched on all aspects of his campaign from planning and early stages to getting funded and what is next for the business.


If you have any questions please get in contact with us via email or using @CrowdfunderUK!

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