New guides: improving the way we help you

Over the past few weeks we’ve been giving our guides to crowdfunding success a makeover, and now we’re thrilled to announce they’re live online.

Our coaching team is one of the best in the business and they have created a number of ways to share their vast experience and know-how with new project owners on Crowdfunder.

We know ideas come in all shapes and sizes, and that crowdfunding them is a personal experience. At times it has its challenges.

But we have always set out to produce a help section that caters for everyone, no matter what you’re raising funds for.

In our new-look guides you can download our comprehensive step-by-step guides, written by our crowdfunding experts.

Or watch Bootcamp, our mini-series on YouTube where we walk you through the process.

Speak directly to the people who’ve been there, and crowdfunded the T-shirt, in our growing online community – simply set up your profile and get involved.

And there’s our free ’95 Tips’ eBook, written by previous successful project owners plus loads of useful hints and tips on crowdfunding that we’ve picked up down the years.

Georgie Barr, head of happiness at Crowdfunder said: “We’re always reviewing the support we’re giving our project owners at Crowdfunder.”

“We see so many different types and sizes of ideas each day that we need to make sure we’re catering for all of them,” she added.

“There’s a variety of ways of getting help here, and that’s the beauty of what we do because it’s not one size fits all – people have different needs and that’s why we’re here to help.

“Our team are so invested in the success of their great ideas that we’re constantly evolving how we share our knowledge and expertise.

“Hopefully these new-look guides are a step forward for our customers.”

It’s all there, designed to help you have a brilliant experience and hit your target.

We’re totally invested in the success our projects and we’re always looking at ways to improve the way we communicate our support.

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