Nesta New Radicals collaborate to bring business success

MaziMasHaving been named as a New Radical by Nesta – the UK’s drivers of innovation and new thinking, helping to bring great ideas to market – Crowdfunder is extraordinarily proud to watch as another is benefiting from our bustling business and crowdfunding community.

Mazí Mas is a social enterprise dedicated to supporting and employing migrant and refugee women. Currently, it’s a roaming restaurant that serves global home cooking in the heart of London but they’re on a mission to crowdfund a new restaurant at Ovalhouse.

It too was recently honoured with the new radical status by Nesta, and it’s easy to understand why.

Founded by Nikiandre Kopcke and inspired by Greek pioneer, Maria Marouli, Mazí Mas is a social enterprise dedicated to supporting women from migrant and refugee communities. It’s mission is to provide opportunities for women who aspire to develop careers in the food industry by providing paid work experience, the ability to develop skills, and connect with the wider public through great food.

The restaurant cooks the kind of food the founders love to eat: simple, full of flavour, and rooted in rich cultural traditions. Their culinary delights span all corners of the planet – from Brazil, to Iran, back across to Turkey while stopping off in Senegal and Ethiopia. And there’s more!

On March 17th, they opened a new restaurant at Ovalhouse Theatre in south London. Running until the end of May 2015 the latest project builds on previous residencies at The Yard Theatre, and will serve wonderful global home cooking to you, the public, five nights a week. There are five part-time employed women from migrant and refugee communities – all learning, all benefiting. is very excited about helping a fellow New Radical on their path of growth. On successfully crowdfunding £13,000+ (they’re two-thirds of the way there! Get donating!!) they will not only be able to offer their chefs more paid work than ever before, but they’ll be able to provide a full training programme alongside the commercial restaurant, for the first time.

And of course, if you are a Londoner, pop in and say hello! They’d gladly cook up some exiting, radical food for you to enjoy.

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