My Journey to TEDx

Si Walker writes about his journey at Crowdfunder and his recent TEDx talk. 

As humans we are in the business of good ideas, but there are some very real obstacles that exist that can stop us from taking our idea’s from notepad to reality.

Like many of the team here at Crowdfunder I know what it is like to start a business.

Four years ago I was balancing my time between sporadic freelancing gigs (to pay for stuff) and fleeting internships (for learning purposes) and making my idea happen.

Hurtling headfirst into the pains I considered a rite of passage for an entrepreneur, I was blindsided by an article about a curious and ambitious start up called Crowdfunder.

Crowdfunder help idea’s become a reality by crowdfunding them; and I realised I had been doing it all wrong.

Fast forward to today and as Head of Campaigns at Crowdfunder I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, idea starters and changemakers to build businesses, launch products, community projects, renovating spaces, creating art & music, attempting world records and doing things no-one in the world has tried before.

Crowdfunder has helped them all.

And it’s helped them because there are these real hurdles that exist in the world, that really do keep us from making things a reality.

They’re the same ones I was up against whilst trying to launch a business and the same one you might come up against.

1. Complexity – Life is complex, and even a seasoned “doer” comes up against it
2. Cash – Nearly always, making something a reality costs money, and it can be difficult to get hold of the funding we require
3. Uncertainty –We take a big risk in making things happen, because how can we really be sure that we’ll get customers,   or people will like our music, or come to our event.

Without fail, successfully crowdfunding your idea will demolish these hurdles, and it will do it all simultaneously. After coaching £12m of successfully funded project, I can tell you that with confidence.

It’s brilliant.

In the UK landscape, nowadays, most people you meet will have heard of crowdfunding, at least in some capacity, but few understand just how incredible it actually is. Crowdfunder is the largest UK based Crowdfunding platform, and we help 1000’s of people to make their idea a reality, and we want to help 1000’s more.

So when, a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to spread the good work about crowdfunding at TEDxStPetersPort, it was too good an opportunity to miss.

My hope is that if you have an idea you’d love to get off the ground, in the next 15 minutes you’ll see how crowdfunding can help make it a reality.

And when you do, you can start your crowdfunding journey here.


Simon Walker

Head of Campaigns

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