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Drum Nation

A group of marketers with a passion for music and a desire to do something good for the World, have teamed up with a company call Bozza & are on a mission to raise £40,000 to bring new & exciting artst to London for a once of concert.

This group has travelled the country, building up a solid fan base.  They want to change the negative perception some people still have of Africa, its 54 countries and its citizens, to one of positivity. By bringing these artists over and putting on this event, they aim to showcase some of the great talent that Africa has to offer.  Africa is a very large and diverse continent occuppied by many musical styles and cultures across its various countries and regions.

This is a not-for-profit project. so the more money they raise the bigger the festival and the more artists they can bring!

This is a great opportunity to bring some great African culture to our shores, and we are all about making creative ideas happen.  So be part of their crowd & help bring these talented people over by pledging on their Project now!

Drum Nation

Some of the great artists on offer are….

Mumba Yachi
One of Zambia’s most loved and talented artists, performs African folk and AfroBeat.

One of the hottest bands out of South Africa, expect Jazz, Trap, Electro, Hip-Hop, House, Funk, Rock and Dubstep.

A singer, songwriter, blogger and poet from Zambia, who performs ‘afro-funk’ – a mix of jazz, soul, afro beat and funk.

A performing artist and composer from Nigeria, who’s going to bring an Afro-fusion flick of trado-urban music styles and shapes.

3 Tons of Fun
One of Cape Town’s, and therefore South Africa’s, most loved all female groups – great music, great entertainment.

Anto Neosoul
Kenya’s freshest export to the music industry, a specialist in Neosoul, Jazz, R&B, Afro Beat and Dancehall

A 20 year old Nigerian young gun, who specialises in high quality Afro Beat.

Maureen Lupo Lilanda
An Afro Jazz Singer from Zambia, who plays a fusion of traditional Zambian and western music.

A HipHop recording artist and songwriter from Cameroon, he combines the local 90’s sound with an urban contemporary style.

Buntujobela & Rheebongs
An incredible South African Hip Hop duo, who produce a superb mix of music. / /




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