M&S ENERGY FUND – Vote Now For Community Energy Projects

As this year’s competition begins to really get going, we take a look at what types of project you can expect to find in the voting stage for the M&S Energy Fund.

Looking to inspire a new generation of community energy projects, the M&S Community Energy Fund has got off to a flying start in the initial voting stage with over 17,000 votes already in. With up to £300,000 available to support community energy projects and technologies across the UK, it’s no surprise that the interaction with the fund from both applications and supporters has seen a staggering increase this year, as the crowd comes together to implement environmental change.

Crowdfunder.co.uk gives entrants the chance to raise funds alongside their voting campaign and receive pledges from their supporters, thus enabling the public to support projects that they care about. The fund develops an important awareness and proactive approach to tackling energy concerns in the wider community, and there is a huge variety of projects in the running this year.

Energy Efficiency

Schools and community buildings are a great place to start in tackling energy efficiency. There are several projects looking to improve their environmental impact by using less energy to provide an improved service, including ‘Light up Lives at Jarrow Hall’ and ‘N-Vision LED Lighting Project’.

Heat Pumps

Through the installation of a device that uses mechanical energy to transfer heat from a colder area to a hotter area, heat pumps can massively improve the efficiency of energy to a community venue. Heat pump projects looking for your vote include Warming Herne Community Centre and Romanby Women’s Institute’.

Hydro Projects

As the name may suggest, ‘hydro’ projects look to transform water power into useable energy which ultimately provides efficient and more affordable energy on various scales. This year, Heron Corn Mill are looking for the public’s help to improve the efficiency of their hydro turbine.

Solar PV Projects

Solar panels are an environmentally friendly way of converting the sun’s rays into usable and efficient energy. Projects looking to install this greener renewable energy include, Potteric Panels! and From Battery Hens to Solar Hens’.

Storage of Energy

In order to make the most of renewable energy produced from systems such as solar PV, the energy can be harnessed into battery storage. Projects looking to maximise the output of their energy efficient systems include Learn for Life Enterprise and St Agnes Sports Club Battery and Car Charging Point Appeal’.

Other Innovations

On top of all of these exciting energy-tackling initiatives, there are also lots of other projects looking to fund and improve energy for their community. We’ve got The Electric Vehicle Projectwho are encouraging the use of electric cars in their rural co-housing community and Roundwood Tennis Club who are looking to save tonnes of carbon emissions by using a developed waste product to resurface their courts.

The public vote is now open and closes on Friday 20th October.

The winners will be announced in November.

VOOM 2017 September Winner: Project Jackfruit
VOTING OPENS FOR M&S ENERGY - £300,000 Fund for Community Energy Projects