More United – how they raised £100,000 in 48 hours



More United is a movement using people-power to influence our politics.

They’ll use crowdfunding to support candidates and MPs who stand by pre-defined values, regardless of what party they are from, and help them get elected.

To launch More United, the organisation have started a project on Crowdfunder. In just 48hours, their project had raised over £100,000 with no signs of stopping.

2 weeks in, 4,000 backers and £158,000 later Bess (the driving force behind More United) is sharing some of the activities they’ve done so far:



Amount of Effort

Impact on £’s raised

Worked for 3 months before to create email database of 60,000, using press and social media



Sent warm up email to contacts 48 hours before launch



Built up volunteer team of 10 people to help with crowdfund



Invested in a high quality video, using our volunteers



Created a clear offer to backers and what they can expect from pledging




So what does that mean for launching your project?

The things that have the most impact are the most effort. If you want to do something properly you have to put in the ground work.

Building a network from now is really important, as everyone in your existing audience are already warm to your idea. Start reaching out to people as soon as possible, even if your project isn’t due to launch for another 3 months.

Building a team is difficult, but it means you can share work load, to reduce effort for future activities.

                    Here are some of the key roles you should look for in your team

There’s really very little downside to putting effort into growing a database, and having one so large is what has help More United get off to a flying start.

                    If you don’t have any idea who you could target to grow your database, why not start with a network map

Creating a clear offer is the only activity where impact has outweighed activity. To reduce effort further get feedback on your project before sending it out to the masses – ask your friends and family, “does this make sense?”, “are the rewards right?” and “would you pledge on this?”

                    Use the preview project link to share before the project goes live:


With 2 weeks to go Bess is gearing up for a big finale and intends to raise £250,000 – the full stretch target for More United.

Check out her progress:

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