Merionwen: Naturally Nourishing finish on 138%

Interview with Helen Reeves Howard – Merionwen. Naturally Nourishing.

Helen Reeves ran a really successful campaign and managed to finish on 138%, raising £615 over her target amount – this meant that the project ended on £2,215. Helen learnt the concept of crowdfunding pretty much straight away by shouting about her project loads on Twitter and posting a number of project updates. Timing was key to this campaign and Helen knew exactly what times of day and how to promote her project.

Merionwen is a natural skincare business working towards organic ideals. Helen needed to raise £1,600 which would enable her to fund the organic certification she badly needed. Emily Smith catches up with Helen to ask her how she did it and whether she would crowdfund an idea again. 


Firstly, well done on raising so much money. How did you go about promoting your project?

I wanted people to know it was an investment rather than pledge, I think it was important to say that the money would be going towards my business. I then emailed everyone in my contact list. Twitter was also another amazing tool during my campaign. Before I launched the campaign I hadn’t been so vocal on Twitter so I started following some key influences such as Organic Derbyshire. I used Facebook a lot and used Twitter to direct people to my page, I made sure I added a post every morning and evening updating fans on the progress of my campaign. Forums are also a great way of meeting people and chatting about relevant content.

What do you think your most effective channel was? 

I would say the most effective is Facebook as you can add more content in the posts.


You obviously gained lots of support during the campaign, what was your initial fan base? 

Initially I would say it was only ten people, including my sister and mum. I had some online contacts. I am so pleased with the support I got though, I would estimate that 50% of all backers shared my project via their own networks – although I would say people were reluctant to share without me asking them too.

How was your first experience of crowdfunding? 

It was brilliant, not only was it a fantastic way of testing my business idea but a great way to raise funds that I would have otherwise struggled to do. I would certainly recommend Crowdfunder to my friends and I even have two or three projects in mind that I may want to launch soon …

How exciting, well we hope to hear from you soon. Well done Helen!

Thank you.



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